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Data Stewardship Platform

Unlock the Power of Data

One Solution to Orchestrate Your Complete Manage-Design-Build Lifecycle for Data

Optimize your data quality, migration and governance initiatives.

The BackOffice Data Stewardship Platform (DSP)™ provides Information Governance orchestration across data migration, archival, quality, analytics, master data management and business process governance.

Help your business improve the way it runs.

The Data Stewardship Platform helps you design, set, execute and enforce data policies across all data and systems in your organization. It creates an environment of collaboration, connecting your IT and business users in a “decide once and reuse everywhere” environment. This enables you to benefit over and over again from prior effort and easily improve the governance of your data ecosystem regardless of which downstream applications or systems you use.
Reduce Cost
Reduce Complexity and Cost

Orchestrate all processes and tools related to data movement, conversion, transformation, data quality, governance.

Increase Speed and Productivity

Shrink project time. Reduce services spend with advanced automation and integration with ETL tools.

Improve Visibility

Empower user productivity. Streamline project tasks to deliver time-to-value.

Reduce Risk

De-risk project delays or failures for faster, better business outcomes. Eliminate non-compliance risks.

What the Experts Say

“[BackOffice Associates] has a highly adaptable data stewardship platform that enables users to develop data governance projects, particularly those involving data migration to SAP environments...”

The Forrester Wave™: Data Governance Stewardship Applications Q1 2016

“BackOffice Associates’ Data Stewardship Platform can reduce data migration costs by as much as 80%.”

Gartner Predicts 2014: Application Services’ Alignment With Business Drivers Remains a Future Priority. Published November 20, 2013.

The DSP™ Delivers Business-Ready Data™ for Complex Environments

The DSP provides a context-aware, single-point-of-business-data management on-premise software platform that enables maximum reusability of content, extensive automation and an overall business process to reduce effort and complexity in managing enterprise data. It provides access to all ETL, data integration and data quality functions, supporting any legacy, transactional or governance data.
  • Delivers trusted data with reliable results and low risk
  • Assures data accuracy from proven rules
  • Improves time-to-completion of complex programs
  • Reduces manual effort, services spend and data complexity through powerful automation
  • Provides an innovative, context-aware approach to managing complex data requirements
  • Addresses current requirements of social, mobile, Cloud and big data
  • Solves data design issues once and distributes globally
  • Optimizes better use of resources and time
  • Turns tools into an Information Governance Business Process
  • Architected to support your product roadmap
  • Set and Enforce Data Policies
  • Execute Data Policies
  • Quality Management and Error Remediation
  • Centralized Target Data Design
  • Automated design, process and execution of Data
  • Transformation and Migration activities
  • Auto-generated Migration Code
  • Centralized Reporting and Validation
  • Charting and Dashboarding
  • Project Tracking Automation to control resources, workflow and tasks
  • Management Console for project visibility across landscape for all stakeholders
  • Full audit of all activities
  • Simple, web-based interface with full multi-language and localization
  • Rapid, zero-code web form development focused on data activities

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